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Lizz by Velform

A breakthrough skin care product that in minutes, lifts, tightens and firms the appearance of the skin around your eyes for results that last all day or night.

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Sew Whiz

Sew Whiz is a compact, highly powerful sewing machine that works on any kind of fabric. It boasts all the functions of a professional machine, but takes up very little space and is extremely lightweight.

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Smart Pen

The revolutionary invention from the United States. SMART PEN is the definitive solution for getting rid of marks and scratches on your car in seconds.

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Ceramicore 28cm pan

Ceramicore 28cm Pan

The non-stick ceramic pan that’s designed to prevent food from sticking. For light, healthy cooking with less oil or fat.

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Vibraluxe Pro

Vibraluxe Pro

A massager designed to help improve circulation, make the skin look smoother, tone muscles, shape contours, help reduce the appearance of cellulite and eliminate excess water.

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Pedi Whiz

Pedi Whiz

The professional battery powered Pedicure system with rotating micro-blade that looks after your feet without damaging your skin.

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Stonewell Pan 24cm

A non-stick, scratch resistant superior quality stone coated pan designed for light, healthy cooking.

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A high pressure cleaner. Long-lasting high-performance results.

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Snap'n Grip

Universal wrenches for nuts and bolts of all shapes and sizes.


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Paint Zoom Professional

Professional Finish
Use the PaintZoom spray system to quickly and evenly paint walls, ceilings, floors and even complicated areas. You'll get professional results with no marks, drips or splatters.

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Water Zoom Accessories

Get even more uses out of your Water Zoom with this useful accessories kit for $29.95 + $9.95 Postage & Handling. The kit includes: Brush & Soap Dispenser.

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Wonder V Slicer

The handiest tool in your kitchen. Ideal for Slicing Fruit and Vegetables.

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The Wizzit

The Wizzit is an amazing invention that literally finds, grabs and removes unwanted hair from the roots, keeping it from growing back for weeks! Guaranteed!

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Smart Polish

Shines and protects car interiors and bodywork.

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Smart Car Vac

12V Car Vacuum cleaner designed to plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket for light vacuum cleaning jobs.

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